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I have a Radeon 5770 card with 2 Acer X223W 22" monitors & Win 7 32bit 3meg memory. I want to span both monitors for gaming. I can use both monitors as 2 separate desktops, moving windows to either monitor. My resolution is set to 1680 x 1050.

How can I span both monitors to make it like one big screen?

Any help would be appreciated.
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    You can create a display group in Catalyst Control Center which consists of both monitors.

    There's a downside to a two-monitor eyefinity setup while gaming, though:

    Your crosshairs / focus of any action will occur on the bezel between the two monitors.
  2. Thank you for your help.

    Your suggestion worked.

    Now if I wanted to get another monitor what else would I need to be able to run 3 monitors off of 2 DVI ports?
  3. When you want to use Eyefinity with a third monitor, you have to use a video card that has the display port (DP) connector and one of the three monitors has to use this port. Even though you may have two DVIs, an HDMI, and a display port, you can connect as such:

    1) 2 DVIs and 1 DP
    2) 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 DP

    Most monitors don't directly support display port connections, so you have to get a DP to vga or DP to DVI adapter.

    How many connections do you have on the back of your 5770?
  4. I have 2 DVI port & 1 DP
  5. flmark05 said:
    I have 2 DVI port & 1 DP

    What is the brand and model number of video card?
  6. ubercake said:
    What is the brand and model number of video card?

    The card is XFX Radeon HD 5770. It has 2 DVI, 1 DP & 1 HDMI port.
  7. flmark05 said:
    The card is XFX Radeon HD 5770. It has 2 DVI, 1 DP & 1 HDMI port.

    Oh. OK. I thought you meant you only had 2 DVI and one DP connection off the back, because you hadn't originally mentioned the HDMI port. What you have is standard and the options I've listed apply.

    Just note for each monitor you add to the setup, your video card is working to produce images for each screen, so you may have to turn down some graphics details in the game to get the performance you want on 3 screens. It will be cool to have the games spanning three screens though! Very immersive.
  8. So if I understand correctly, when I add the 3rd monitor I will need a display port adapter to plug into either the DP or the HDMI port and the DVI port on the monitor.
  9. One of your three monitors must be connected through the DP connection on the video card.

    You'll need a DP to HDMI or DP to DVI adapter if your 3rd monitor does not have a DP connection on it (few do). If your monitor has a DP connection on it, then you just use a DP to DP cable.
  10. Thank you

    I really do appreciate all your help.
  11. flmark05 said:
    Thank you

    I really do appreciate all your help.

    No problem. Glad to help.
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  13. i also have 5770 but i cant set 3 displays...( could u advice sm help??
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