CPU LED Red Continuously

Desperate for help! I just built a new system (specs below) and I can't get past the CPU Led Red light!

MOBO - Asus p9x79
CPU - Core i7 - 3820
RAM - 4 X 2GB Hyperx
GPU - Radeon - 6870
HSU - Corsair H60
PSU - 700W Extreme Power Plus

Completed Trouble Shooting (varied order):

Reset the CMOS
Flashed the BIOS to most updated version
Removed HSU, checked and re-installed
Removed, checked all CPU connections and re-installed (no broken or bent pins)
memOK check was good
Removed and tested DIMM in multiple slots and multiple configs
Adjusted Fan Connections
Double checked all power connections
Disconnected HDD and SDD
Removed, checked and re-installed GPU
Connected to multiple monitors, HD and SD using DVI Dual Link and HDMI (no image displays)

When I power up I see the CPU Red Light on continuously. My fans and HSU are running fine and cold. I do not hear any beeps during set up, I just see the red CPU light. I cannot see the bios and have no video out to the monitor (connected to a Samsung SD that I had previously.

Is there any way to confirm that my CPU is defective prior to RMA? I don't have a compatible MOBO to test the CPU; this build started and stopped today with all new components out of the box.
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  1. *** SOLVED ***
    Embarrassed to admit it but I hadn`t plugged in the 8pin CPU power supply on the MOBO. Plugged in the 24pin ATX and then just moved on...the more you learn, the less you know.
  2. Thank you so much for this post. I have the same set up and exactly the same symptoms, well, and to my embarrassment as well, the same solution. It works! :bounce:
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