GTX 460 VS Radeon HD 6850.

Hello everyone,
Which of these is best for gaming?
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  1. Personally, I would go for the 6850, or if your budget can stretch just a little bit, go for a 6870. Make sure that your PSU is up to the job though (6850 needs 500w with 1 6 pin pcie, 6870 needs 500w but with 2 6 pin pcie)
    I hope this info is useful!
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    The HD 6850 and GTX 460 1GB are equal in terms of performance, the one card scores 1-2 fps more on one game, the other one 1-2 fps more on other game. The GTX 460's stay cool and are more overclockable but the HD 6850 is 20-30 $ cheaper. (i'm talking 'bout 1GB GTX460's, the 768MB versions are 10-20$ cheaper than the HD 6850 but can be a lot slower @ 1080p with AA on)

    So this might be a personal preference of brands after all. And you have the HD 6870 @ 220 $ (the GTX 460's 1GB starts @ 210$), which might also be a option for you.
  3. The GTX460 has PhysX.
  4. Both are equal in performance. Go for the cheaper one.
  5. thank u guys.
    I have also searched a lot on it.
    I just wanted to confirm.
    Thanks a lot...................
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  7. the 460 has physx and the 6850 has a little lower power consumption.

    i think the GTX 460 has a little better tesselation performance too.

    i think i would go with the GTX 460 1GB in the end.
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