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MSI Z77A-G45 - Dual x16?

On MSI's homepage ( it looks as if this motherboard has dual PCIe 3.0 x16 slots. Is this even true, as I thought that Panter Point only supports 1 x16 lane (,3174.html)?
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  1. Anyone??
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    two lanes @ 8x speed PCI-E V3.0 in SLI or CROSSXFIRE. I own the MSi G45 with the Z77 chipset, great value for money minus the OC gene, it says in the press it has OC gene 2, but all 3 buttons on the motherboard are missing so you can only really control the OC auto software gene from withinside Windows im afraid.

    also its missing the same bBIOS THE G65 and g80 have called THE "something BIOS II" it still a board to fetch 4.5Ghz on your 2500K provinding you have ARCTIC FREEZER i30 cooler, by coolermaster, its a new advanced cooler, that cools only for intel LGA1155, 1156 and 2011. 320w OF COOLING power. and its got a backplate to install unlike the Freezer 13 and 7 Pro.
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  5. Chicken Wing - No Problem, and the i30 Cooler is made by "Arctic" not Coolermaster, my error. However, it would not allow me to edit: it out! 320w of RAW Cooling Power.

    Great value and very easy to install. see reviews on it! i30 Arctic...
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