I had to update my XFX 5870's BIOS before the new 11.2 drivers worked

Is this normal? I've had my card a little over a year. The last driver that worked OK was 10.10e. Every driver after that would cause random lockups and black screens with thin vertical blue lines. I flashed the latest XFX 5870 (Stock) BIOS to my card and updated to 11.2 (Which previously would not work) and I just played an hour of Just Cause 2. I st my fanspeed to 60%. Before I flashe my card, Just Cause 2 would make the temp rise to ~65c at 60% fanspeed. Now the temp never goes above the low 50s. Are these "improvements" typical of upgrading to a new version of the BIOS? Thanks. :)
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  1. Some AIB's have that happen. I've read in more than a few reviews that for some cards you have to flash the BIOS to update it.

    No, it's not normal. Yes, it does happen sometimes.
  2. Pretty much what Shadow said.
    It is not common But happens occasionally.
  3. Everything seems to be working fine, but the new catalyst drivers are pretty poor. 10.10e seems to be the best version for my 5870. Anything after 10.11 causes hanging when alt+tabbing or opening/closing a 3d game. And 10.11 doesn't have morphological filtering. :(
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