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Cpu/Chassis Q-Fan Control vs AI Suite

Which one should be used Cpu/Chassis Q-Fan Control or AI Suite or both of them? Why?

Thank you!
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  1. I use the bios "smartfan" in the hardware monitor section to calibrate my fan speed. If Q-fan is asus version of smartfan, then I would use it. But if it's windows software, then check the bios for smartfan and try it. I use quiet mode after calibrating; I prefer a quieter pc even if temps are higher.
  2. I prefer ASUS's BIOS level control -- why -- because AI Suite is more problems than a solution. I OC on a BIOS level and never let an App touch my BIOS.
  3. I´ve got this Cpu/Chassis Q-Fan Control feature just now that I changed my mobo, so I am not used to it, as I have been using AI Suite to monitor temps.

    How do Cpu/Chassis Q-Fan Control work? Do I have to uninstall AI Suite?
  4. If you're using Q-Fan and AI Suite together, like with other settings, the BIOS and AI Suite conflict. Personally 'I' don't use or ever install AI Suite, but if you like it then I'm not the one to get advice from on this subject. Further, as I recall AI Suite is required IF you use SSD Caching on the X79.

    The amount of BIOS 'control' of Q-Fan (CPU, Chassis Fan(s) 1...3/4/5/etc) depends on your ASUS MOBO and BIOS. The Q-Fan comes with a variety of 'presets' e.g. Standard, Silent, Turbo, or Manual plus fan speed warning 200PRM~600RPM, but again it depends on your ASUS MOBO.

    If you list your MOBO I'm fine with looking at your manual. The more advanced will list parameters as I've listed above.
  5. I am very keen to use Cpu/Chassis Q-Fan Control feature from the Bios, and uninstall AI Suite, as my mobo is an ASUS P6X58D-E.
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    First, the ASUS P6X58D-E has 'okay' Q-Fan control (I have the same MOBO). Next only th CHA_FAN and CPU_FAN can be controlled i.e. the PWR_FAN is 100%; see 2-33.

    The ASUS Fan Xpert (part of AI Suite) is probably your 'best' option, but the Q-Fan control in the BIOS works. On the newer MOBO's the BIOS version is indeed improved.

    BIOS (see pages 3-28~3-29):
    CPU Q-Fan Control -> Enabled ; Disable IF you have a 'pump' i.e. Corsair Hydro series connected
    CPU Fan Profile -> Silent ; not the best IF OC'ing the CPU; IF OC use Standard or Turbo
    CPU Upper Temperature -> 60C/140F ; try different temperature thresholds.

    Chassis Q-Fan Control -> Enabled
    Chassis Fan Profile -> Silent

    Keep in mind as the load and subsequent temps go up so will the fan speeds.

    Finally, test with your typical applications, games, or whatever you use. Yes, you can run Prime95 but remember that's not a 'typical' load. I also recommend using HWMonitor to look at your temps and compare settings (Temp to Noise); link - these apps are for testing and don't need to run otherwise.
  7. jaquith said:
    The ASUS Fan Xpert (part of AI Suite) is probably your 'best' option (...)

    I already use Fan Xpert. Would the Fan Xpert feature be better than Q-Fan control?
  8. The 'Defaults' is ASUS Fan Xpert is essentially the same as using the BIOS Q-Fan Control; i.e. the ASUS Fan Xpert offers more customization.

    However, since 'I' OC I don't want any BIOS evasive app interfering with my manual OC. AI Suite is always running in the background once installed, like a 'tick'.

    This has to do with catch-22's and priorities. For 'me' if the Q-Fan Control is inadequate then my first priority is my OC so I would opt for a dedicated fan controller way before installing the 'free' AI Suite.
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  10. What did you decide on?
  11. I will stay with ASUS Fan Xpert for a while, since I do not OC.
  12. Thanks & Good Luck! :)
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