MSI Xpower will not recognize the CD/DVD

I cannot get my new install of the Xpower to recognize the CD/DVD player to install Windows. It shows up in the bios but it has Square Paren's around it. The system gives me a "No drives found, press any key to reset" message. Help if you can...
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    go into bios and head to boot priorities and put cd first and you hard drive second
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  3. Oh duh! I should have gotton that right off. Thank you very much for this info... I must have been overly tired NOT to have seen this was the case. I also had bought a SATA card for the extra DVD I have as I used up all the internal ports. Well that card blocked out the Raid drive SSD's on the Marvell chip and it was not showing up in the bios as a boot option. Removed the card and problem solved. I will be sending that card back and trying another one. Again thank you for the heads-up on this...
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