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So pretty much, I'm looking for a router/modem that has wired and wireless. I would go wireless but don't really want to buy a wireless adapter for me 360. And computer and 360 at opposite ends of house. Budgets 200ishNZD (100ishUSD) max. Will have a laptop and computer desktop connected wirelessly. And a different desktop and a 360 connected via ethernet cable.

Only things that will be using it will be are laptop PC and 360. Also needs port forwarding to be straight forward but most are these days.

802.11n as well please (obviously).

I have looked and searched alot but I'm new to networks and such so don't have much of a clue. :o
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  1. And another noob question, Does any network adaptor work with any laptop/PC? I have a HP m8075a and toshiba satellite a10 and want to use a usb one for the desktop so I don't void the warranty as its not mine and internal or external network adaptor for laptop? I see heaps on different sites at various prices and dont really know if they make a difference apart from whether its N or not...
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