Help! win7 Home Premium and 6 gigs of ram help!

i was fixing up a PC for my friends friend :P anyway it a xps 400 he put windows 7 on it but wanted me to upgrade the ram

i put in 6 gigs of ddr2 in it (2GBx2 & 1GBx2) @ 667 MHz....turned on pc bios screen was a fine boot the "starting windows" screen seems to fail

heres what happens it says windows is starting before the animation starts the computer restarts and repeats the same thing over and over

any solutions??

EDIT: it is 64 bit os so i can support over 4GB
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  1. List system specs

    What specific modules did you put in? Brand - Model No.

    What's your mobo? If it's from Dell / HP / etc., it's prone to have problems when you try to upgrade.
  2. It's a Dell XPS 400

    Intel pentium D 3.40gHz 4MB L2
    4 Gb 2x2
    Nivida geforce 240 GT
    1.5TB&160GB HDDs
    650 watt psu
  3. the ram is #1:kingstion 2GB ,#2:samsung 2GB and 1GB ,#3 i a hynix :P

    the numbers on the stickers say all the same thing:

    (1 or 2 GB)-(1 or 2)Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-12-(samsung says zz at end)

    i put it in as 2,1,2,1 everything else wont work
  4. never mind the board was limited to 4GB
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