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Is a cooler master hyper tx3 is a good cpu cooler

my processor is intel i5 2500k,msi p67a-gd65,msi gtx 560ti,corsair 4gb vengeance 4gb 1600mhz,i want to overclock my cpu to 4 ghz i dont know whether it can be done with this cpu cooler
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  1. Keep an eye on the temps and see. Its a good value cooler but only really for dual core CPUs for overclocking but the 2500K does not run that hot so it may be OK. If ypou have not bought the cooler yet then get the 212+ as its much better.
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    I have a tx3 on my i5 750... and while it isn't the best cooler, I've still managed to OC a bit. My CPU is stock @ 2.66Ghz and I've managed to OC it to 3.25Ghz, while still maintaining idle temps at low 20's and load temps in the mid 50's.

    While it's not the best cooler, and I would have suggested others on the i5 2500k... if you already have it may as well try it out. As Simon mentioned, just keep an eye that your temps don't get too high and just see what you can do with it. That's half the fun anyway.
  3. so a hyper 212plus is a good cooler for overclocking at 4.5ghz right
  4. The 212+ is likely the best cooler you need on a 2500K as its not a hot CPU.
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