Mobo reading 85c help

hi i just bought a new computer

Windows 7
intel core i5 3.40ghz
8gb ddr3 gskill ram
asus P8Z69-v LX motherboard
geforce gtx560
120gb SSD

My screen recently turned pink and froze.. had to restart, so i checked my temperatures.

Speccy says motherboard is idling at 85c and my cpu at 23c
speedfan says my CPU is idling at 85c and my motherboard is at 23c

my bios says both cpu and motherboard are idling at 20-25c

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  1. asus P8Z68-v LX*

    my bad

    I've been trying to troubleshoot this so i played Just Cause 2 to see temperatures under load.. it runes at about 70c under load.. and 85c when it's idle. If i reboot the machine and get to the bios quickly like 10 seconds later it's reading 23c.. is it possible it cooled down that fast?

    edit: Ok i've been at this for a few hours now. speccy and speedfan have been giving readings of 85c idle for a few hours.. but NOW speccy is reading 50c on mobo idle AND under load.. it doesn't change. speedfan still says 85c.. and the motherboard says 21c but doesn't fluctuate at all. Is there seriously no way to know what the real temp is?

    thanks to whoever reply's to this
  2. I doubt your mobo is getting that hot. Mostly likely its your CPU. Do you not have a heatsink?
  3. I have liquid cooling.. i've run coretemp and the temps are reading fine on the cpu.. or so it says
  4. I used to have a similar problem with Asus z68 board. Bios readings lower than Asus AI Suite II. The AI Suite commited suicide and I can not reinstall it so I go with the Bios readings. 40 years ago I used to calibrate temp instruments and they were very reliable and varied in their techniques. They must be a lot of Junk in current temp systems in computers. I updated my bios and temps went up 2C in bios which I doubt. Asus must have recalibrated it in the update.
  5. in speed fan temp two is the reading for the southbrige chipset on most mb. for your cpu temp running hot did you use any thermal paste under the cooler. the other issue would be that the cooler and cpu not fully seated so that the heat not flowing out of the cpu and into your high end set up.
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