Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 gaming graphical issues

System Specs:
Windows Vista Home Premium (Windows 64bit)
6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
Dell Studio XPS 435MT
intel core i7 920 (2.67ghz)
12gb ram
Directx 11.0
Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 (driver version 266.58)

I am experiencing problems while playing the games Sims 3 and the Rift Beta. In the Sims 3 the
music will continue to play, but the game will pause for about 3-6 seconds and sometimes the
characters/some objects/ and the UI will disappear when this happens. Sometimes I will alt+tab out of
the game for a few seconds and then click on the game again on my desktop, then the game will resume running again.

With Rift, the screen sometimes goes black for 3-6 seconds then comes back sometimes. Other
times when it goes black and I alt tab out or hit cntrl+alt+delete, the task manager shows
Rift as "not responding" and I have to restart the game. Other glitches include the color of
my character being off during character creation or during gameplay (usually very bright solid
colors on the skin textures or hair).

I used to play Warhammer online and while playing the game, the screen would go black for a
few seconds and then resume. When I would alt tab out I would receive a driver error on my desktop.

One of my ram sticks was not being recognized by the system so I thought that it might have
corrupted the game files during the installation process. I replaced the old RAM sticks with
some more powerful G.Skill Ripjaws series and did a system restore with the new ones in place.
I installed all of the new drivers and all of the programs. All of my RAM is recognized, but
like I aforementioned, I am still having graphical issues with The Sims 3 & Rift Beta. I have not installed/played Warhammer since the system restore. I don't know if I would still be having issues with this game so I'm not sure if it could lead to troubleshooting on false symptomes that do not exhist anymore since the system restore has been performed.

Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Try an older VGA driver,if that didn't help,then RMA your card.Looks like a defective card to me.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping it wouldn't come to that haha. Unfortunately my card/ computer is barely over a year old and I did not register my Nvida Geforce GTX 285 with BFG, so it is not under warranty anymore :( . I guess I will just deal with the glitchiness for a few months before I cave in and buy a new card (and register it right after I buy it).

    Also- could the card become damaged due to the small Dell Studio XPS case not being a full large gaming tower and only having 1 fan? Or perhaps it was just a defective card?

    The case is already pretty cramped up as far as space goes, do I have any other options for cooling (if this would aid performance or be a wise investment)?
  3. What are your idle/load temps ?
  4. GPU idle temperature- 41c

    GPU load temperature- 79c
  5. hmm,your temps look fine.So you don't have overheating problems.
    Is it possible for you to test it in another system ?
  6. Unfortunately no :( My other computer is very old.
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    For 95% I'm sure that your GPU is defective,but to be 100% sure,I'd recommended to test your GPU in another rig or test another GPU(maybe borrow from a friend ?) and test it in your rig.
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