Can my system handle GTX 470?

I'm running

mobo: M2N32 SLI Deluxe (PCIe 1.0)

PSU: 550W Antec with 2x12v ~21 AMP

CPU: Athlon x2

GPU: HD 5830

... and I just finally installed Fallout 3: New Vegas, and my system cannot handle it on max settings.

I'm thinking of getting GTX470 - but its description says minimum requirement is PSU with 38amp 12v!!! Also, it's PCIe 2.0 and not 1.0.

Will I be able to run my game smoothly in 1920x without any additional hardware upgrades, or do you think I'll need more than just video card (i.e. new PSU?)

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  1. I can't answer your PSU question, but I can definately say that I'd go with a GTX 560 Ti instead of a 470. The 560 outperforms it in most cases, and uses a LOT less power.
  2. This one?

    ...from what I'm reading here:

    ... it's more power hungry than the 470.

    Do you think my system will handle it find, it being PCIe 1.0 and only 550W PSU?

  3. The GTX560 runs cooler than the GTX 470 and uses less power. I checked that article and it never said anything about the GTX 560 running hotter or using more power. Your PSU should be enough for the GTX 560. The only caveat is that because each 12V rail is only 21AMPs you'll have to make sure that the graphics card is not on the same rail as the CPU or any other components with high power draw, otherwise that rail will get overloaded.

    PCIe 2.0 cards are backwards compatible with PCIe 1.0 slots, so that shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind though that if you were getting an AMD card then it may not be compatible because many AMD cards use PCIe 2.1, which isn't backwards compatible with PCIe 1.0. Also, as as long as the card has a 16 lane PCIe 1.0 link then the lower bandwidth won't be a bottleneck at all.

    As to the question about what frame rates you'll get we need to know what games you want to be able to play. Overall the GTX 560 is capable of playing most games at 1920x1080 at high settings without issues.
  4. Thanks, Ill give 560 a try!
  5. GTX 560 /w Corsair 750W (60A 12v) did the trick! Fallout runs on max everything in 1920 without a hitch!
  6. YangBuck said:
    GTX 560 /w Corsair 750W (60A 12v) did the trick! Fallout runs on max everything in 1920 without a hitch!

    Sweet. Thanks for coming back with your results. I was thinking of the GTX 460 but for just $50 more I may as well go with the 560 Ti.
    I also have a 680i MoBo that only supports PCIe 1 so I guess i'll be okay as well then. Let me know what other games you're playing now on your setup
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