Please help me with recommending the right computer system for a new car manufac

I will be updating systems for 3 departments which are: Front Office, Design, and Back Office.
The front office is responsible for recording all employees time and storing them on the server in the back office. The front office is also responsible for managing all external and internal inquiries and concerns, and answering them by either telephone or e-mail.
The back office role is to maintain the server that works as the central application server for the organization.

The design department will work on a CAD system to draft 3D designs to help design new cars.

I need to recommend the right computer configuration for each department including the software and the hardware and peripheral devices of the computer.
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  1. People will pay for 10-20 days of work at £600+/day to specify that, just to setup the procurement which would probably be of significant value. There's so many things that we can't tell from here.

    If I was in whatever country you were in i'd put in a bid for that work.
  2. Thanks so much for your insight. I truly appreciate it....=)[
  3. first step is to figure out what the minimum spec is for each of the systems you are going to run, and from there you can start to understand the desktop requirements, you then have server requirements, and storage requirements, network design and sizing. Then you have the question of should you go cloud or not, if not for savings today how about tomorrow? It is seriously conplex, i would contact a couple of it consultancies and get them to quote for specifying it, the quote should be free, and will give you and understanding as to how to do this task, or be able to recognise that you need help to do this and whether this is affordable or not. Also added benefit is that if it doesn't work then at least a pofessional told you what you specify and you may have some comeback on them.
  4. Don't put yourself in a world of pain when things go wrong, get a company in to design and implement the configuration, plus make sure you get a maintence package.
  5. +1+1+1+1
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