My games lagg and my pc hangs ..

Hello guys,
Ok so i'm using a amd phenom x4 9950 quad core processor , with 2gb ram , nvidia 9500gt gfx , and a asus M2A-VM motherboad...

the pc is 2 years old and recently i've been having these issues , whenever i play a game after sometime it hangs ..

Like i usually play dota (warcraft 3) , and after 20-30 mins , it hangs for about 1 min , and i usually lagg out .. one thing i noticed is that my gfx card gets too hot , and even the n/b bridge , i can't touch it for more than 5 secs,

All my fans are working properly , here's what i got in bios
Vcore -1.31v
Cpu temp - 59*c
mb temp - 40*c
fan = 4066 rpm ..

I've also tried replacingthe ram , but it works fine for a day , and then goes back to its normal state ..

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Run HWMonitor and see what the temps get to after you get lag. Its normal for a GPU to get too hot to touch.
  2. for a bios temp your cpu temp is too high.
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