Cannot Use 6GB RAM in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

This is my PC configuration.
Intel Core 2Duo 2.8
Gigabyte GA-EG43M-S2H ( Has 4Slots of RAM)
2x2GB Dynex Ram
Windows 7 64Bit Ultimate

My problem is.Yesterday i bought another 2gb ram stick made from Transcend and when i tried inserting that and booted up into my OS,i received a BSOD and sometimes system restarts when the OS enters the Boot logo screen.
Any idea how to make my extra 2GB ram working.It would be a great help if u people help me in this...
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  1. ram mismatch . remove the dynex rams and insert only the transcend ram and run the system. if everything is ok the ram compatibility issue. always try be add ram of same make to be on safe side.
  2. Yes.if i remove the Dynex ram and insert the Transcend ram its working.. Will try it again to cross check it and should i add another transcend ram to the 4th slot.. So that 2Dynex and 2Transcend will solve this problem ??
  3. Your Rams hates each other.
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