What's the best way to connect my monitor AND my TV to my PC ?

Just wrote a crazy long complicated post when I could have just said this.... Seems like I have two options for video

DVI/VGA Adapter to VGA

My question is, should I go with the HDMI to HDMI connection between my HD 6950 and my monitor, or my HD 6950 and my LCD TV? Will it make a difference?

Then I have to use a 3.5mm stereo cable for the audio on whatever I'm left with, or is SPDIF an option?

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  1. Here's another thought - I'm going to be buying a 2nd 6950 in the near future. Can I have the HDMI cable from one card go to my Monitor, and a 2nd HDMI cable go from the other card to my TV? That way it would take care of the video and audio for each? And I could control where the audio goes and when the TV is being used via software?
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