MSI X79-GD45 & Corsair Quad channel kit 16gb = help


I have bought the Corsair 16GB Quad Channel kit (CML16GX3M4X1600C8)
& a MSI X79-GD45 motherboard with the latest BIOS-version 1.5

When I try to enable Intel X.M.P, my computer keeps restarting
and doesn't even make it to the bios post.
Same thing happens if i try to set the ram to 1600mhz manually,
it just doesn't post, returns the bios to default setting ("overclocking has failed")
& sets the ram to back to 1333mhz
Even bumping up the voltages to 1.6v doesn't help

I have tried everything, the ram works at 1333mhz but as soon
as i try to use the default settings this ram is rated at..
It goes haywire..

Help would be much appreciated :(

CPU : i7 3820
PSU : AX850
GPU : 580GTX
RAM : 4x4gb 1600mhz @ 8-8-8-24 (xmp)
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  1. Ps : I tested this ram in an asus x58-mobo
    and it worked perfectly with x.m.p enabled
    @ 8-8-8-24
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I'd say a part of this is because of the i7-3820 itself, I was surprised about the kit until I noticed the CPU.

    Typically, I recommend upping both the VCCSA and VTT voltages to 1.20v and maybe the DRAM Voltage by +0.05v if needed. Problem admittedly I am a little weak in translating some of these voltages to MSI. I am assuming they are System Agent Voltage (SA) {VCCSA}, CPU I/O Voltage {on MSI this might be Uncore, and VTT is what I want}.

    Therefore, to be on the safe side increase the System Agent Voltage (SA) -> 1.20v. However, if that fails then I would try manually setting Channels 1-4 (CAS):
    DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.50~1.55v in other words manually and at a slower CAS.
  3. Do you think swapping to a 3930 could help
    solve the problem ?
    Thx for your help !
  4. outsider_nwo said:
    Do you think swapping to a 3930 could help
    solve the problem ?
    Thx for your help !

    I've been seeing a lot of oddball issues with the i7-3820 so it could be a BIOS issue or the CPU itself. Further, I've seen plenty of DIMM issues on X79's especially on non-ASUS MOBO's.

    Clearly in your case the RAM does run @ DDR3-1333 so IMO the cheapest solution is to swap out the RAM and either try a new set of CML16GX3M4X1600C8 or perhaps exchange for CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9 ; yes I realize one set is CAS 8 vs CAS 9.

    As a test, cannot hurt, try running your set manually DDR3-1600 CAS 9-9-9-27-2N @ 1.50v.
  5. I would like to add, that on the first day i build my rig,
    i was able to run the xmp profile perfectly (using oc genie button on the mobo)
    After that, it never worked again
  6. OC Genie still 'on'?

    1. Disconnect, if connected, the "MultiConnect Panel Connector"
    2. Turn-off the OC Genie button
    3. Use Standard Mode in the UEFI
    4. Restore Defaults

    Then if needed (aka failure) Clear CMOS, unplug the PSU for 5 minutes first then follow the directions in this video (use the Clear CMOS Button ; page 1-8 ; button between PS/2 and digital audio) ->

    I cannot imagine OC Genie damaging the RAM, so my 'guess' is a BIOS corruption.
  7. No, i have disabled the oc genie button
    and reset the cmos using the button you described.
    Everything is on default, uefi on 'standard'

    I did try the other bios chip (using the switch),
    and here i can't use xmp either
  8. Well...that sucks! :(

    Did you 'try' DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24(24~27)-2N @ 1.50~1.55v and System Agent Voltage (SA) -> 1.20v
    Did you 'try' DDR3-1600 8-8-8-24-2N @ 1.50~1.55v and System Agent Voltage (SA) -> 1.20v
  9. I'm able to boot using manual 1600 9-9-9-24-128 now,
    but any other change in the bios (higher cpu ratio)
    makes the pc hang

    8-8-8-24 with SA -> 1.20v still no go :(

    It's such a shame that i can't use the sticks @ the rated speed (xmp)
    & can't even slightly overclock..
    Seriously thinking about getting another mobo + cpu :(

    I would still like to thank you !
  10. Oops, nevermind..just crashed & bios
    put the ram back on 1333mhz

    Oh well, new hardware it is
  11. Well for starters IF the plan is to OC the CPU then the only way on the locked i7-3820 is to raise the CPU Strap and NEVER the BCLK. Leave the BCLK = 100MHz or Auto!!!

    What exact changes are you making to the BIOS?? List them all over Load (Optimized) Defaults.
  12. No,no i think you misunderstood :)
    I'm running everything @ default,
    what i mean is that if my ram won't work
    at 1600 properly without overclocking,
    then i shouldn't even try overclocking :)

    That's why i'm changing cpu & mobo
    (my wife isn't going to be pleased)
  13. Duh, I got one too -- wife, so I 'get' where you're going.

    Q - Do you have MSI Control Center installed?? If so uninstall it or any BIOS invasive application.
    ref -
    ref -

    These type of applications both interfere and cause conflicts between the BIOS and the Applications.
  14. I haven't even made it to installing windows yet :)
    So no problem with those programs
  15. I'm shaking my head and scratching my neck.

    IF the PSU is bad, and I've had a recent bad one, then that can cause an assortment of oddball behavior. I know the MSI's and Gigabyte's had an assortment of OC'ing issues (you're not OC'ing) with the SB-E and only the ASUS was immune.

    My SB-E was stellar for 48 hours and then, as it turned-out, the PSU killed a few components (HX850). First one HDD and then the MOBO, and like a damn fool after the MOBO RMA (took 4 failed posts to realize; little birdy) that didn't solve the problem then my blood drained out of my face realizing it was the PSU. Then I was thinking holly s*it there goes a 2nd MOBO toasted by the PSU. In the end: 2 HHD's, (1) MOBO, but I'm waiting ... it's only been a few days.

    What are you running to test? I can assume Memtest.
  16. PSU Test - unplug the PSU for 10 minutes. IF the RAM works better then it 'could be' a PSU issue. IF it makes no difference then IDK maybe the RAM; (1) stick @ Rated to test.
  17. I did run memtest succesfully without errors.
    And now i'm currently using the rig to post here..
    With x.m.p enabled @ ram @ 8-8-8-24 !

    But i'm afraid that after I power down,
    everything will be messed up again..
    I'm baffled
  18. Hmm...if its a power down issue then maybe it's worth replacing the CMOS battery. Besides a possible PSU issue...
  19. Powered down, waited 10 minutes with psu unplugged,
    booted up & the problem returned :(
  20. This has taken enough of our time,
    i'm returning everything to the shop tomorrow.
    Nobody should have such a hassle putting a rig
    together with new & expensive parts as these.

    Thanks for the help m8 !
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