Should i have gotten the GTX 560 Ti 1GB?

I just bought a Palit GTX 460 2GB at Frys electronics yesterday for a new gaming rig i will be building. i had previously not done any research on this until i got home. now i am beginning to wish i had gotten the New GTX 560 Ti 1GB. The 560 is only $20 more than what i paid for my 460 2gb.

My PC will have:

- Core i7 2600K or i5 2500K (i will overclock)
- 1155 Asus Sabertooth motherboard
- 900W-1000W PS (i am planning on doing quad SLi when i can afford it)
- 6GB Corsair 1600Mhz dual channel RAM

I only have bought the graphics card. i am very indecisive and now i am worried that i bought the wrong card because i read that most games don't use more than 900MB VRAM and 2GB is necessary for only super-hardcore photo/video editors.

I will play/do the following with my PC:

- GTA 4 and GTA 5 when it comes out
- Crysis and Crysis 2
- Elder Scrolls V
- Call of Duty games
- Dirt 2, NFS: Shift etc.
- Flight Sim X
- a little Photoshop
- a little Premiere Pro

i want to play all those games at 1920x1080 at maximum settings w/AA at at least 40FPS minimum. i don't care much about rendering times in PS and PR

will this be enough? am i better off with GTX 560 Ti 1GB or even a GTX 560 2GB (palit makes that too)

I paid $229 for my 460 2GB. 560 2GB is $279

I heard that you to max out GTA IV including View distance you need more than 1GB..... bottom line....

recommend any other capable GPU's if you believe they could serve all my purposes better or more cost effectively. ATi or Nvidia since i haven't yet purchased my mobo. please nothing over $300 unless its really worth it

Thanks so much

you can also make some edits to my rig and recommend better, cheaper parts for me

price limit: $800 +/- 10%

i have all necessary peripherals
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  1. you should have gotten the 560 to be honest, maybe you can return the 460? and you cant do quad sli with these cards, only 2-way sli.
  2. I can return it; i just hate returning things. no quad SLi? is it just certain cards or NVIDIA in general? lots of mobos have 4 PCI-E ports and say "QUAD-SLi ready"

    also, one last thing: 1GB version or 2GB Palit version (of 560)
  3. Look at the card and notice only one sli connector. The same applies to crossfire. You need to have two connectors to have tri or quad sli/crossfire. If you need the raw performance and higher quality then go for the 560. Palit is a junky brand with their low quality cooling on their cards.
  4. The only current gen cards that support Quad SLI are the GTX 480, 470, 580 and 570. All other cards only support dual SLI.

    2GB will only give you an advantage is you are running at high resolutions, such as 2500x1600, or multi-monitor setups. The 1GB card should be good for you unless you want to run one of those aformentioned high-res setups.
  5. the GTX 460 and GTX 560 only have 1 connector to connect the SLi bridge to so they are only 2-way SLi ready.

    well if you want to max out AA/AF on 1080P on all those game it might be better to go with the 2GB version and the 2gb version is better if you are gonna SLi in the future too.

    EDIT: this card is a good alternative too
  6. Ok.... i'll return it. what excuse do i tell the guys at frys if i want to get a full refund (including tax, which was about $15 for this particular store)?

    i bought it yesterday so its still well under the money back guarantee policy
  7. Is PNY a reliable source for video cards?

    on frys for $250

    next step up is EVGA for $10 more.
  8. Best answer
    i would get this one

    its factory OCed and it has an awesome cooler on it compared to the reference ones on the PNY and EVGA.
  9. MSI for the win! MSI will beat them both, but PNY and EVGA are both good too.
  10. thanks for the help, all!

    i am going with the MSi Twin Frozr 560. I can even get it with free Just Cause 2 and Mafia 2 coupons on Newegg, both of which i was planning on buying anyway after my PC is complete.

    returning my 460 to Frys tommorow.
  11. NICE! Two extra games and a great card! It sounds like a great deal!
  12. no problem :) its an awesome card!
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