If u upgrade ur cpu from a 32bit to a 64 bit......

if you upgrade your CPU from a 32 bit to a 64 bit can you install a windows that is a 64 bit ??? if not what else would u have to change?
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  1. what processor is it?
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53GHz socket is a "LGA775" and the processor i want to go to is a intel Xeon X3380 @ 3.16 GHz
    the duo core has 2 cores no hyperthreading the xeon is a quad core and no hyperthreading
  3. You must check to see if your motherboard support the Intel Xeon X3380. Go the the manufacturer's site and look up that specific motherboard for a list of compatible CPUs.
  4. when i go to the system info it says its X86-based PC so would my motherboard be a 32 bit ?? or would it be my processor ?? it should suport the xeon because its the same socket its LGA775 socket
  5. All C2D and Core i CPUs are x86 CPUs with 64-bit instruction extensions.

    Just because you can physically install the Xeon CPU does not mean it will be recognized by the motherboard. The motherboard has a BIOS which basically allows it to recognize CPUs. If the BIOS does not contain any information pertaining to the CPU you want to install, then your new CPU will not be recognized and will not work.

    As stated before, go to the motherboard's manufacturer website to find a list of compatible CPUs. If it is listed, then you may need to flash your motherboard to upgrade the BIOS.
  6. its a dell 0RY007 and suports duo core only but can u update bios to suport quad core ?? or would this work
  7. The E8600 should work. But you need to go to Dell's site and check your specific Dell model number to determine if in fact you can install E8600 CPU with or without a BIOS upgrade.

    They should list compatible CPUs for you particular PC.
  8. i think u only need a bio upgrade u have to have a bio over 1.0.15
  9. read this

    different mobos in the Inspiron 530 towers
    one supports only C2Ds
    the other supports C2Q
    I believe yours only supports C2Ds up to E8500

    careful with dell cpu upgrades
    while the chipset might support it
    The bios might not
    with the Inspiron the C2Q mobo was able to supply more voltage/wattage
    due to different VRM (voltage regulator module)
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