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What to buy?

Hello everyone, i need your expertise and knowledge to help me figure out a new GPU for my X58 SLI LE motherboard.

Budget 500$

system specs:
PSU: Corsair 750HX
CPU: i7 930 (3.34ghz)
Current GPU: GTX 275 1792mb

Option #1= GTX 570
Option #2= 6970
Option #4= 6950 Crossfire
Option #5=6870 Crossfire

I play all my games at 1920x1080.
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    6950 Crossfire would be the most powerful option, and if you buy the reference models you can unlock them to 6970s and max out anything you throw at it ;)
  2. I agree.A 6950 crossfire will be your best bet for maximum performance.They also make 1G versions if you wanted to spare some money.
  3. So with a SLI motherboard, are you not considering GTX 570's or 560's in SLI? The GTX 500 series plays very well in SLI with relatively low increases in heat and noise.
  4. its not overkill if you want to max every game with max AA/AF and its more futureproof than a weaker solution hehe ;)
  5. HD 6870 Crossfire.Hd 6950 xfire is totally waste and overkill.
  6. I appreciate all of your supportive answers :P, i think ill head towards the 6950 crossfire
  7. would the 6850 be almost in par with the 6950?
  8. or should i get the 6870 crossfire since its under 500$?
  9. Is it possible to have two different companies for crossfire as long as the speed of the core and vram are the same?
  10. 6850 is far away from a 6950 and the 2GB VRAM in the 6950 makes it a good card to crossfire, i really suggest the 6950.

    and yes you can crossfire different companies as long as its the same card.
  11. i think just find a single gpu solution.gtx 570/6970/gtx 580.or if you want xfire then hd 6870 xfire is way to go.if you want sli then gtx 560ti is best.
  12. i wouldnt even think about the GTX 580, really bad bang for buck compared to the CF 6950 which is almost the same price.
  13. so i'm guessing the 6950 has the best GPU scaling
  14. Yes you can buy 6950's for under $500.Just get the 1G versions i was talking about earlier.

    Saphire 6950 $244 + $8 Shipping.

    Average dual card scaling across all benchmarks at 1920x1200:
    6950: 1.67x
    560: 1.69x
    570: 1.7x

    Noise levels (vs. single card)
    6950: 49 Dba (+8 Dba)
    560: 40 Dba (+3 Dba)
    570: 42 Dba (+2 Dba)

    GPU Temps (vs. single card)
    6950: 89c (+12c)
    560: 74c (+6c)
    570: 81c (+4c)
  16. its too bad my antec 900 power supply at the bottom, its leaving no room for the second GPU since my board supports enthusiast sli. If i have one of them sitting underneath the other one, will it cause heat problems?
  17. Usally the top card will be hotter by a few degrees.
    What case do you have?
  18. Antec 900
  19. Thats a nice case.You should have no problem with heat.
  20. Has ATI fixed the artifacts and bugs in certain games?
  21. Is 3.36ghz gonna be enough for 2 6950's ?
  22. I don't know about the arifacts and bugs but you CPU should handle them fine,it's an i7.
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  24. So I guess you're not concerned about the 49 Dba and 89c temperatures.
  25. yep get the 2gb, the 1gb version cant unlock to a 6970.
  26. yeah i didnt mean just for the unlock either, you already said that memory would not double in crossfire so i didnt want to repeat that one lol.
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