Asus P8Z77-V or P8Z77-V PRO?

I have been trying to work out what motherboard to buy and i have finally came down to these 2. However one is pro and on average about 20 pounds more, i cannot figure out the difference between these 2 boards. If anyone knows the difference and can enlighten me please do! :??:
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  1. I've spent some hours (more than what justifies the savings by not just buying pro-version...but I had fun doing it) researching excactly that, so I can help you :-)

    The difference is very small indeed:

    - The pro has 2 more USB 3.0 ports. The last two, wont be quite as fast as the first two, since they are not native in chipset.

    - Another small difference is, that the pro has their Q-shield I/O anti-static back grill. Instead of their normal one. it got some metal padding, to better connect. I have no idea if it's better. Some users have reportet that it's a harder fit in cabinet.
    Main advantage is likely, that it looks better and descriptions of ports are clearer.
    I myself rarely look at back of my computer.

    - Normal version have 8 power phases for CPU, while pro-version got 12 power phases.
    cheapest versions manages with 4, so 8 should be amble for overclocking as well.
    Looking at the actual phases on the board the 8 on the V looks larger and more of more sturdy quality that the 12 on the pro which looks like cheaper versions. They each need handle less load.
    More than anything it's likely marketing stunt, since some buyers will go for "more power phasers = better" and buy pro-version because of it. I think the boards will overclock the same, but that is my guess.

    All essentials are excactly the same and likely you'll get no increased speed performance from pro-version.

    Indeed all Z77 motherboards will be VERY even speed-wise, since it's same inbuild chipset in CPU.

    Apart from that, I very much like Asus´s features like the EPU and the Fan2 controls.

    I'm going with p8z77-V and saving few bucks there.

  2. what about the p8z77 WS with the 50 % graphics boost that proov anything or is it just words on the box saying that lol maybe the p8z77-V...and pro have the same gpu boost
  3. -V and pro has it as well.

    First real world tests indicate, that is is not 50%, but more likely 0-25%
    and there are reports of some early compability errors and some deteriation
    in graphical quality.

    So dont count it in too much, if considering for an upgrade.
    then wait for that technology to prove, that it works.
  4. one queston z77-v board is coming tomrrow in ups does it come with a cpu fan..or do i use my cpu fan that i already have ...the one that sits on top of the cpu chip with the funel thing...
  5. it doesnt come with no fans lol i was stupid ...! il use my gateway dx4860 ub33p's fan if my new case i am getting doesnt come with a cpu chip fan
  6. ill never order from newegg again there shippin is hella slow and make u pay 4 dollors extra for rush delivery . plus u gotta pay tax for the products .......wich is 30 dollors extra from the original price ..of the produsct wen the package comes almost a week later lol rip offf i should orderd amazon and had my prime ...service i would of gotin it way cheaper and goten next day shippin free
  7. I am going to have i5 2500k.
    So which one should i get?
    also suggest a cabby as i have 6950 2 gb
    cabby< nxzt
  8. I went with the Pro model to get the fan controller. The add for the fan controller was cheaper than buying one separately and it can be controlled by temperatures that the MB is reading. The other options are a wash.
  9. kant u just get a higher version cpu then i5 2500k ..on amazon for the same price i think so.just .get a higher one then i5 2500ki would....
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