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PWM Controlled Fans- HELP!

What are PWM-Controlled Fans? I've heard about the Arctic Cooler Xtreme Plus ii haveing PWM controlled fans which got me confused. I am thinking of buying the product and would like to know more. All I need to know is...Do I control PWM Fans or is it automatic? Please Help! =D

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    Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is a technology that automatically controls the fan speed based on factors such as temperature and at times, computer activity.

    Arctic Cooling improves this by introducing PST (PWM Sharing Technology). So if you have more than one Arctic Cooling fan, temperature information will be shared allowing all fans to work together.

    If you're an enthusiast, then you should go for a manual fan speed controller.
  2. i believe pwm fans are 4 pin connectors so you need a motherboard with 4 pin connectors not 3 pin ones so check your board or manual
  3. Umm... the PWM fans are on a GPU cooler. The GPU board has a 4pin connector so im fine with that.

    Cool, so they are automatic. Are there any specific power requirments for the Arctic Cooler Xtreme Plus ii aside from the 4 pin connector because the wiring in the picture looks a little complicated?
    Link to the Arctic Cooler Xtreme Plus ii :
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