Lagging like crazy

Hi im currently lagging a lot in most of my games that i play.

Although this is really annoying whenever i check windows it says i have a connection speed about 3 times faster then what i normally do.

So when i diagnostic it with windows it says troubleshooter cannot identify the problem.

Currently my network status is 135.0 mbp/s and it says ive sent 187 thousand or so packets but only recieved 36 thousand.

Im not networking inclined but that seems way off.

Can anyone help please
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  1. You are looking at the wrong thing, what you need to do is start up your games and then check the latency in them, almost all online games have a tool built-in to check that. What you are looking at based on your speed, is the connection from your computer to the Router, which is not where the lag is from. The lag comes from the Router to whatever game servers you are using. This can change based on if you are downloading anything, if anyone else in the house is using the internet, if sunspots are a bit too active, the internet is a flowing thing. If you are lagging NOW this second, but are fine in a bit, that's normal. If you are lagging all of the time, check your internet connection speed and ping rates.

    It may seem like your recieved packets are jealous of your sent packets because there are so many more of them, but that's not the case. Don't worry about send/recieve stats unless one or both at at 0.
  2. ok i guess its every so often. So, your saying this is normal?

    im living in a crowded area does that effect it and its out of my control?

    Also, could my firmware be a part of it? my router and adapter seem very picky on the firmware this is the only stable firmwares ive found
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