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Mcaffe has blocked a risky connection

I need help. Every time I boot up my computer I keep getting a message for mcaffe saying that it blocked a risky connection. After some digging around on the Internet I decided it was a bad ips. Like it might harm my computer. HOw I block the ips from my computer form once and for all? Please help!
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  1. Get rid of Mcaffe, install Avast or MSE and use Comodo firewall.

    Mcaffe is not good, even for free!
  2. What is bad ISP?
  3. Like it loooks a bad. Like a hacker attempt. heres the IP
  4. mauler184 said:
    Like it loooks a bad. Like a hacker attempt. heres the IP

  5. So what should I do?
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    Nothing, really, my Comodo some times have 20-100 a day, it does not mean that someone is trying to hack your PC.

    I have these alerts suppressed, so I don't see them. Install Malware bytes and run the trial, it will make u paranoid even more, as it comments on blocked access.

    Lower your alert messages level.

    It basically is telling u that some website tried to connect to the PC and it was blocked.

    Nothing more. No hackers.
  7. Yes thank you so much!
  8. You're welcome.
  9. the upstairs as professional as bill gates, i admire you
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  11. Thanks for the vote : )
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