Bought an HPE-541f (Hewlett Packard) And was wondering?

So 3ish weeks ago i bought this at best buy:

I was at first just going to build my own PC, but when i was browsing Best buy i came across this and just couldnt resist (it was right there infront of me, i could buy it now get home and start gaming [Which i did]

But im a sucker for upgrading and i had no idea you couldnt OC OEM Stuff

I upgraded the PSU and the graphics card in this computer to a

ATI (AMD?) Radeon HD 6870

And a corsair 750 w power supply

But im itching to go more

Question is, would it be worth it to Buy a new mother board and a computer case and swap all the components over to the new case and mother board? i would then be able to OC Right?

Another question how hard is it to swap a CPU from one computer to another.. ive changed and moved every possible thing in a computer besides a CPU, ive always been scared to under the circumstances that it seems like the most fragile part in the computer!

Thank you for your time.


If it is worth it to get a new mobo and case.

I was thinking about this for cases either

Which one is better, the price difference is almost 100$ and ones mid size and ones full tower. I dont really have a prefrence of size.

As for the motherboard i have no idea whats a good one to get for AMD phenom II 6 core processor?

Another quick question i have an old unused nvidia GTS 250 sitting around, im under the impression that i will be able to use this as a physics processor how would u go about doing that if possible.

would it also be worth it to Buy a new cooling heatsync / fan or will the stock one work fine?
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  1. Adding another 200-300 MHz or so to gain 2% in gaming framerates is generally not worth the trouble/expense, IMO....(Oddly enough, you an likely gain that 2-3% simpy from disabling two of your cpu cores, due to OS overhead in servicing the cores.

    with the 6870, I'd enjoy the games you have, and stand pat thru the year.
  2. "Another question how hard is it to swap a CPU from one computer to another."

    Not hard you just want to be careful and get yourself some new thermal paste to reapply.

    "would it also be worth it to Buy a new cooling heatsync"

    IMO it is of you are going to be OCing. You can get something that does a far superior job for very little money.

    Having said that I agree with mdd1963 as the multipliers are going to be locked anyway so your OC overhead will not be very great so why go through the expense. You'll be wanting one of the new chips in a year anyway.
  3. Cant you still overclock locked CPU's?,2396.html

    for my 1045T ive hurd of people overclicking it to 3.7-3.9 GHz thats a big shot up from 2.7

    i dont plan on upgrading again any time soon. im fine with my x6 1045T infact it only gets better as games start to utilize more cores etc etc.
  4. you can oc it by overclocking the fronst side bus, something unlikely with the HP motherboard.
  5. You can still OC it but what mdd1963 is trying to point out is that your overhead for OC'ing (how far you can OC the chip) will not make up for the cost of all the new stuff you need to purchase in order to do it well. It is my opinion as well that you will not see enough of a performance boost to wast your time with it. If you really want to OC an AMD chip you would usually go for a "Black" edition. I can't see you're link so I don't know exactly which Phenom II x6 you have but they don't put Black editions in the basic HP desktops. You are of course welcome to do anything you want which is why I still answered a couple of your questions its just worth pointing out that your chip is automatically hamstrung for what you want to do to it.

    *sorry if I'm incorrectly putting words in your mouth mdd1963.
  6. the default chip is the OEM-only 1045.
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