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Guys Ageia co-founder has joined ATI.So will we see ati version of physx in the future.
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  1. These companies really need to agree on some kind of standard tech, all they're doing is polarizing the people who buy their cards, and probably making them all more expensive to boot.
  2. Well, according to most AMD fans: PhysX is not worth it, slows down frame rates, doesn't improve graphics, can't be seen most of the time, places too much strain on hardware, is only used in a few games, is a distraction, etc. So, I'm sure the AMD version will be GREAT!!!
  3. ^Sarcasm overdose
  4. yeah about as good as an amd powered 3d gaming solution...
  5. easy boss, I could care less about physx, people that want it buy a dedicated gpu or have a high end nvidia gpu, to each his own, whats your gripe?
  6. in response to this qoute and you bashing physX...."@Matto and the cat guy, u guys work for Nvidia or what?"
  7. Take a chill pill dude! its just physx! we've all been arguing about it for years. Some people like it some people think its pointless. Get over it
  8. yeah its kind of a matter of preference really but personally I have 2 6870s so I'm not running physx...
  9. i think physics in games is great, physx is gay, why should i HAVE to buy a nvidia card to use it? I have owned both ati and nvidia in the past and am happy with both. What i never owned was a 3dfx card because i did not like their bullcrap glide API and glide only games. Everyone knows that an ATI card COULD run physx if nvidia would let them. The problem i see here is the wa*ker game devs that implemented physx probably because they were paid by nvidia. I dont want ATI to make their own version of GPU accelerated physics it just creates even more bullcrap. There are already open physics acceleration standards like havoc and bullet that are used in games so why even use nvidias physx or have ATI bring out their own bullcrap?
  10. Aahhh! 3Dfx and Glide takes me back!
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