Welll I need a new headset

Yep, my AK-R8 w/ Audio Advantage SRM from TurtleBeach is showing its age. Doesn't help it cuts out in some games with many explosions like Call of Duty 4. So with Battlefield 3 almost here I wanted to get myself a top quality 7.1 USB headset. So far I've been thinking between the Logitech G35 and Razer Megalodon (leaning towards razer) from reviews. But are there any other well known top quality headsets out there that can hold their own against these two or are these literally the top two on the market?

I want to spoil myself :na:
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  1. Since you want to spoil yourself and obviously you don't care what you spend. You may want to look at the Logitech G930 in addition to the other two you listed. Here is a comparison of the G930 and the Razor to look over. They are both very good headphones.
  2. spoil yourself, lol this is what i did when i spent nearly R3000.00 (THREE THOUSAND RAND) +- 350 Dollars on my ASUS xonar xense. To be honest, i wouldve paid more. The headset is awesome and the card is even better. It all comes in this shinny expensive packaging and you just know its quality. It sounds great and imho, you just cant get better. You will not not disappointed.
  3. Well the G930 just seems to be the G35 with wireless capabilities, although looks more comfortable. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does the Megalodon simulate 7.1 through the use of its Maelstrom system or is it true 7.1? The article rubbed that off on me.

    But yeah, if I did say the G35 is for me, I'd get that or the G930, whichever is cheaper at the time. Never been into the wireless fad, except with controllers.
  4. I would love to own the Xonar too lol

    But that's where money gets tight. USB seems to hold its own most of the time.
  5. gonna throw this out there but unless you need a mic attached to your headphone ... im pretty sure the consensus is that a stand alone headphone + desktop mic or attachable mic is far superior to a "Gaming headset" in terms of sound quality in both the listening and voice options (unless your in it for the looks or the unique features?) ive even seen i think ad700's modded to attach a mic
  6. Yeah I was hearing over in the home theatre section that a standalone mic is better quality wise. When it comes to a mic, I just want something that is understandable. I'm mostly looking into sound reproduction quality. And a mic attached to a headset is just conveient, more space for me on my tiny desk with work.

    I started to look at a Roccer pair, but those look really uncomfortable-like they sit on the ear it seems.
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