Need AM3 motherboard for RAID 10


Can someone suggest a AM3 motherboard known for it's raid stability?

My price range is less than $150.

I have a AMD Athlon x2 250 CPU that needs a motherboard.
I will be using this for a home server with 4x 2TB in Raid 10 configuration.

My previous MB have problem with raid and 1 or 2 drives keep falling off the raid and I had to do repair from time to time.

The motherboard needs to have:

Support Athlon x2 250 CPU
Able to do stable RAID 10 configuration
DDR3 memory slot
at least 6 SATA 3.0 or higher port.
Onboard video (HDMI if possible)

Options feature:
USB 3.0
PATA port

Thanks ahead!!!
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    Here is the only choice on that has everything you want, with one exception, USB 3.0.
    Judging by reviews though, it's a great board.
  2. +1 to sharkbyte5150's suggestion. For USB 3.0, just add one of these:
  3. Here's a 2nd option, looks like you lose PATA but much higher reviews
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