Could someone please help

Ok so i work for a company as an apprentice i will be building them high end computers which they need for computer aided engineering but theirs one problem i dont really know what the best motherboards Cpu's etc are or whether they will fit together the cost of these could go up to £7000 which is alot of money so i dont want to waste it on junk. so what im asking for is help to find components which will fit together, the company has told me they mainly want a Fast CPU, Fast imput/output and a high end graphics card, i also what to know whether i can put 2 graphics cards together and a few hard drives together etc what i would be able to do to max out this computer

My company has decided to go with Xeon x5690 processor so i need components to fit with that

They use Ansys to do engineering simulations

I appreciate any time spent on a reply thank you
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  1. so your advise would be to buy that motherboard??
  2. isn't the EVGA SR 2 Classified better
  3. Suggestion: You will probably want to download the data sheet for this CPU so you know what you are looking for.

    So it's a socket LGA1366 compatible with Intel S5520 server boards.
  4. I've worked in Solidworks nearly every day for the last 11 years and can tell you that Nvidia's Quadro video cards are superior to ATI/AMD work station cards. Actually, that statement may be incorrect. The hardware may or may not be equal but Nvidia's drivers are definitely better.
  5. ok ty ram1009
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