Use PC as my wifi source

I have just built a media centre PC. Spec is as follows :

Zotac dual core atom board, mini itx...with PCI-e twin aerial wifi adapter
2gb DDR3 RAM
GT 430 graphics card (movies + bit of Left 4 Dead 2 on the TV)
2tb SATA drive (dvd backups for playing through VLC)
Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate

Now....I have a DSL modem, speedtouch. At present this is my wifi hub. I can connect to it etc no problem, and can connect the two together using ethernet cable as well

Basically want all devices in the house to be able to connect to the PC by wifi and use the 2tb drive as a network store e.g. watch a film stored on this drive using wifi on a laptop.

Effectively a NAS? But also will be used for watching films on the TV to which it is connected (so remains a functional PC)

What options do I have here guys?
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  1. I think this would be referred to as a home media server?
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