En9600gt black pearl

Hello,i have en9600gt black pearl but it is not showing any display not even bios and monitor goes in standby when i boot the computer while card in slot ... otherwise ,my pc is working fine ..any idea or suggestion ??
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  1. well i quote.
    Pakgamer,i think that your card is done.have you tried the baking trick?
  2. not yet . should i go for baking ..

    i mean what kind of problems can be solved(to some extend) by baking ... any idea
  3. supposedly the whole theory behind the baking trick is that it remelts the solder on the card and makes it work like new but whatever its your choice and i think its your best bet
  4. hmm ty for your concern

    tell me one more thing , at what temp should it be placed in oven and for how long ..
  5. guys i have electric oven toaster (baking one) not the Microwave .. does it matter ..

    and it has a option to heat either from top or bottom or both .. which should i select ..
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