Slow sandy bridge

I have recently purchased core i5 2500k ,gigabyte z68p-ds3, corsair vengeance 2X4 GB 1600Mhz , AMD sapphire 6850 1gb , Western digital caviar HDD 64mb 7200
The problem is that my system is not responsive enough. There should not be any problem with this built but i am stuck.
whenever i refresh the takes 5-6 seconds to refresh. It is not at all responsive.
but there is no lag during gaming. I am confused that where lies the problem.
cpu is working on stock speed.
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  1. No idea. What OS?

    Was this an upgrade? Did you do a fresh Windows install afterwards?

    Is this a new problem, or has it always been slow?

    Do you have a virus or malware? Do you use Antivirus/Antimalware software?

    Try running a full scan using Microsoft Safety Scanner, it's free. (google)
  2. what ever kind of processor you have depends on the speed too
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