Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 or Asus P8Z68-V LX

Tough one here boys.
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  1. Overclockers favor the Extreme3 Gen3, but I prefer ASUS boards, although the LX is lower grade than the P8Z68-V/Gen3 I usually recommend for Z68 (I use the Pro version) with PCI-e3.0 support, and better Intel LAN chipset. Also, over the LX the LE has onboard USB3.0 header for front panel support.
  2. I have a £75 limit on the motherboard here, so which one?
  3. I'd take the ASUS P8Z68-LE over the ASRock, but there are several accounts of users with the Extreme3 Gen3 who love it.
  4. +1 asrock extreme 3 gen 3
  5. What are the pros and cons of each?
  6. And which is best for overclocking? Also, will they be able to overclock Ivy Bridge?
  7. i can get 5ghz on mine, stable
    i can even push it further
  8. neon neophyte said:
    i can get 5ghz on mine, stable
    i can even push it further

  9. read my signature =P
  10. This the extreme 3
  11. ive heard its just as good
  12. Yes, listen to Neon, look at his signature, he's almost 1.5GHz over stock speed!!
    The Extreme4 and Extreme3 are very similar and popular for overclocking.
    Gen3 means Ivy Bridge, so it has PCIe 3.0 support if you have an Ivy Bridge CPU, and good overclocking capabilities. I just prefer ASUS boards as they've never let me down but that doesn't mean the Extreme3 isn't a good board. Look at the reviews and do a search within them for whatever CPU you plan to use and you'll see a large number of totally pleased OC'ers.

    Example: Searched "i5-2500K" within Extreme3 Gen3 reviews
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