Can Gskill find the errors on my ram?It occurs when i game,not memtest

So I have 2 packages of 2x2GB Ripjaws 10666 DDR3 1333.

I have only had memtest show me 2 errors out of like 100 passes. But this error occurs 100% when i game. I get Fatal error memory cant be read. This happened 4 months ago, and i just kept resetting the ram into the slots. Well now I upgraded and the same crap is happening again. Except i cant make it go away. I think the gold connectors are getting rubbed off or making bad contact somehow or perhaps its just getting faulty. idk any ideas?

Also 2 questions.

How long does a RMA last on ram? I couldnt stand to go more than 3 days w/o a computer lol. If I rma it i guess i could buy new and sell the replacements.

I had a new error, today that concerns me. I was playing BF3 and the game froze than makes a purple tearing screen and crashed the whole system. Sounds like a video card issue but I know im having ram issues so thats no positive.

please i welcome feedback.

Edit: Also i been having issues with downloads. Adobe reader and flash, ccleaner, msi afterburner gpuz all were corrupted when attempted install. But i know its not my cable or router because it worked 1 day ago before i upgraded and on my dads computer. Strangely BF3 and Crysis 2 didnt have errors UNTIL installation, and of course they wont play for more than 1 minute.
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  1. Any errors is to many I recommend getting a 4 gig stick off the internet (Like 20 bucks) wait till it gets to you pop it in then rma the rest and you can play uninterupted.

  2. Thats what im thinking. I randomly pulled out 1 stick of ram and my games are not crashing any more. Crysis did crash 2 hours in due to "memory allocation fail" which according to google is not enough ram.

    Frys has this deal going on and im pretty tempted.

    Edit: Well nvm, games are not crashing but prime 95 is detecting errors. bah
  3. Another question, do you have to tell the manufacturer which stick of ram is having issues? Cause i really just wanna buy the above deal at Frys and rma all the ripjaws than resell the replacements.
  4. No they know you are the "dumb" customer just tell them its broke you ran a test it failed and you want a replacement set.

  5. If Memtest (86/86+) detects any errors at all and your memory isn't overclocked or your power isn't faulty, then you have defective memory, period, and that isn't surprising, considering the brand and source of its chips. G SkIl, by its own admission and its Youtube videos, does not use sophisticated diagnostic equipment, not even during production.
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