Need help with picking graphics card

i am doing 1080p video editing and light to heavy gaming
i had two gt260's before but they both failed and got about 400 bucks since they couldn't replace them
my choices are gts 450 or gtx460 1st gtx460(nvidia version) and 9800gt(evga as a physx), gtx460(nvidia version) and gtx460(galaxy 768mb),gts 450(nvidia as physx) and gtx 460 (nvidia)
now this is al good but then there s the gtx 560 and i am worrid about the gtx460 getting discountinued so i really need help picking out a combo that would give me a band for the buck

gtx 460 galaxy 768mb=$140
gtx 460 nvidia version 1gb =$270
gts 450 nvidia version 1gb = $200
gts 450 palit version 1gb sonic = $140
already have 9800gt's but can probely get about 250 bucks from them and i already have about 300 bucks so.

also most important which brand would be good because i am leaning against the nvidia version directly from them since they all have 5stars but is plait or pny or asus or galaxy or evga good or are any better then nvidia version
my pny gtx 260's failes so i dont have much respect for them as much but
also can i sli with different brands with two same model and also different models but on as a physx card
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  1. Do you have the money or is it just credit to nvidia's store? Because those prices are way jacked up... About $120 less for the 460 1gb on Newegg... Of those options, though, the 460 768mb seems to be prices most reasonably. I would go with a couple of those if I were you.

    But if you don't have to spend the money on those exact cards, there are much better options available.
  2. The GTX 460 is good GPU which can handle 1080 p Resolutions without much problems. The GTX 560 Ti is in fact better than the 460 GTX. The GTX 550 Ti coming out next month , is said to be as fast or more faster than the 460 GTX 1 GB ( This is just speculation OK! ). THe 450 GTS as a physx card is a good choice as well. Suggest you go for the 450 GTS for physx and 560 GTX Ti for graphics.

    A good brand that I would reccomend would be EVGA. Try and look for manufacturers that gives you warranty as well . Also could you list your PC specs just to be sure...
    I know that your rig was able to handle two 260 GTX. But still, just want to see, that's all.
  3. here is the specks
    core i7 860 2nd gen at 2.80ghz
    8gb corsair xms3 ddr3 ram cant remember the speed i think it was 1330 or 1600
    3x 1tb hdd and getting at least one ssd (don't know which one Intel, Corsair or Kingston)
    2 dvd/cd burner/writer
    right now two evga 9800gt in a sli need to upgrade because cant watch 1080p video without little lag
    evga p55 micro mobo(MINI ATX) and also have a asus p7p55d pro lying around (ATX)
    650w thermal take cable manageable psu
    for the case since i am building one from scratch its going to have about 24inches of clearance and mt thermal take case also has enough clearance.

    about this pc i am going to make a this a windows and a hackintosh so that a problem with the gpu

    other thing i only have 6 sata slots and 4 hdd after one ssd and two dvd drive was thinking about adding one more ssd meaning total of two is there any way to split the sata for the dvd drive
    i know you can use a controller card but then my secondary gpu would have to be one slot only
    now can i do that with replacing a heasink on the gpu and what would be a good one or should i just keep one of my single slotted 9800gtas a physx card and buy a good primary card

    also i ordered win7 32 bit accendentily so i cant use all the ram on my pc now first can i move it to a another hdd
    second is there any way to upgrade it to 64 bit and is ther any other way to make it run on all gb of ram

    last need help picking out a good ssd
    was thinking about getting a 40gb Intel ssd and have no idea to get which one for second ssd
    need some help is Intel a good company or s there anything else good out there for a better price by the way min of 30gb for ssd

    AND my credit is money not store credit but stores like best buy and fry's do price math if its an actual store not just a online warhouse
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