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HELP! I'm a novice here and am having trouble with what I think is my Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card. I recently started getting these large pixel-like patterns crossing parts of my screen but only running certain programs like Dreamweaver or my flight simulator or Windows Media Player. Everything else seems to be fine with no graphic disruption.

I tried updating the display adapter drivers, although I was told they were no longer supported and had to use the ". ATI Legacy package". It looks like it accepted it all and I ran the wizard which went fine but still getting the same problems.

Is my card corrupted or toast?

I don't know how to better explain this. I have some screen captures but can't attach them here.


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  1. It lookss like your card is dying, you could try a reinstall of the OS and if that doesn't solve then it's the card that's crapping out.
  2. Thanks, i had a feeling. I appreciate your help.
  3. Yep. Similar thing happened to my X1900XT. Worked fine until I tried to play a game. Replaced it with a HD 5850.

    Compared to current generation AMD/ATI video card, the X1950 Pro is slower than the HD 4670 and the more recent HD 5570 (which is roughly comparable to the HD 4670).
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