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I've been using two GTX 460 SE's, both running 2 monitors each for total of 4). One of the monitors I game on.

Been thinking about SLI'ing the two cards and adding another GTX 460 SE to the x4 slot (to maintain the same four monitors setup, but having that one pair running stronger in SLI).

Question is, will it actually SLI the two bridged cards and run at x16 while running the x4 card as well....or will it just do something else?
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  1. oh...ASUS P8P67 Deluxe mobo if that helps
  2. I think I found part of the answer....

    "Can I add a 3rd graphics card in my 2-way SLI enabled PC to connect more monitors?
    Yes, you can add an additional graphics card to your PC to connect two additional monitors. The additional graphics card must have a GPU that is different from your SLI GPUs and must be NVIDIA PhysX capable (GeForce 8 series and higher with at least 256MB of memory). For example, two GeForce GTX 2XX GPUs in SLI and a GeForce 9XXX GT is a supported configuration."

    >>thing is, does that mean a GTS 450 is the same or a different GPU as the existing GTX 460 SE...what defines the GPU?
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