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is intel i5 2500 enough for 1080p gaming

i want to buy a gtx 570 card but i will not have enough money if i buy a k series processor..because i have to buy a p67 motherboard for it and also a cpu cooler which costs more than a h67 mobo and a free stock cooler..will a h67 motherboard will be enough for a 1080pres gaming with my intel i5 2500 processor with my gtx 570 card
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  1. gtx 570 kills 1080p gaming at max settings, you should be fine
  2. does intel i7 is really useful for gaming..because in tomshardware benchmark they said i7 power can be seen only in work stations but i will convert bideo very i7 required for gaming..than i5
  3. The difference between the i5 2500 and the i7 2600 is pretty much only hyperthreading. i7 has it. i5 doesnt. Im pretty sure there arnt ANY games that can take advantage of hyperthreading, so an i5 will be more than enough my friend :) good luck
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    i5 2500 is probably overkill for 1080p gaming.
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