Help me choosing the cpu for my 1080p gaming

1st specifications i5 2500k
motherboard...asrock p67 extreme4 or msi p67a-gd65
ram....corsair vengeance 4gb 1600mhz ddr3
graphic card...msi gtx 560ti (i will sli my card after 1 or 2 years if needed)
power supply..corsair 700w psu
cpu cooler...coler master hyper 212plus cooler
cabinet..cooler master elite 430

2nd specifications i5 2500 dh67vr or asrock H67M-GE/HT
ram..corsair ddr3 2x4 gb(8gb) 1333mhz
graphic card..msi gtx 570
power supply..corsait 700w psu
cabinet...cooler master elite 430

my monitor resolution is 1080p i want to play all games at this res with physx enabled and maxed out at all settings..pls say which is best among these..dont say p67 with gtx 570 because i dont have enough money to buy a p67 motherboard if i buy a gtx 570 i also wanted to buy a cpu cooler if i buy a p67 chipset to overclock my cpu..just say which is best among these gaming rigs..
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  1. The 570 will kick ass but get P67 or Z68 not H series.
  2. No dont, get your 2nd specification, as you will not need a P or Z68 board for a i5 2500 as it cant be OCd, just stick with those 2nd specs as there just about perfect for gaming and lots of other tasks, the i5 2500 is more than powerfull enough to not be a bottlekneck for a gtx570 in fact it could happily run 2 x gtx580 in SLI and not bottlekneck.

    So to confirm, your 2nd specs are perfect to run all games at max for 1080p resolutions. The only addition i would add is to still buy a coolermaster hyper 212 just to keep your cpu nice and cool while keeping system noise to a minimum.
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