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Is 630W good for Sandy Bridge 2500K?

I don't plan for any sli atm, but consider getting one later on with a stronger psu. Right now, I just need to know if this is sufficient for my build

CPU: Sandy Bridge 2500k [will oc]
RAM: 4 GB DDR3 1600
Case: HAF 912 with 2 120mm Fans
Mobo: MSI P67A-GD53 (B3)
Should be compactable, right?

The PSU I'm getting:
PSU: Rosewill Green Series 630W

I could afford a psu up to $80 but nothing higher than that due to my current budget.
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  1. Comparability is good. Rosewill is a fairly decent company in your price range probably one of the best your gonna do and yes 630w is enough for your rig I would not really commend going under 600. Good set up btw nicely balanced and shouldn't bottle neck to much any where.
  2. Don't go Rosewill. When it comes to power supplies, only consider Antec, Corsair, and Seasonic. The 630 is enough for your i5-2500k and SLI/Crossfire.
  3. winter I did a little searching but for 80 bucks max I can barely find a 550w and with the 550 requiring about 500 it leaves little to no room for upgrades. or even a accesses of fans or hard drives.
  4. Is there any specific reason why I shouldn't go for rosewill? Just wondering if it's a bad choice
  5. The rosewill green series is a great line of PSU's and are better/equal to similar wattage antec/corsair/seasonic, also I've had great experiences with Rosewill customer service in the past

    That 630w is enough for 2 560 ti's if you don't overvolt the GPU's
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    I take back what I said i found a quite good deal and i do agree pretty strongly about corsair. This is a fantastic deal
  7. Rosewill can have decent customer support but they commonly make sub-par products. There fine for things like cases or fans but allot of running parts where quality is important there not great.
  8. illfindu said:
    I take back what I said i found a quite good deal and i do agree pretty strongly about corsair. This is a fantastic deal

    I have this PSU and while it is a great PSU in it's own right, the rosewill green 630w is better

    Also I got this PSU for $37 AR on a shellshocker, at it's current price I'd go with the Rosewill (or maybe a Antec HCG 620w if it is still $50 AR like the last time I checked)
  9. I wouldn't mind a price difference of ten bucks, but is corsair really worth choosing over rosewill?

    BTW: I'm totally oblivious with PSU :)
  10. I hope you're mistaken about not being able to find anything under $80 because I found a lot this week alone while suggesting builds to others ;P
  11. lol winter to be totally honest I was just skimming through one or two pages on new egg and didn't see any thing. and to magician personally ya 10$ more for a corsair is worth it I think allot would agree. there actually the only brand of psu I put in my builds. Your build is well balanced PSU really isn't a great place to try and save a buck or two since you will most likely be using it for a long while. Disclaimer not saying other brands Antec seasonic for example arn't good just a matter of my own experience and opinion.
  12. Agreed. If I didn't care about PSU, I wouldn't have even consider asking questions lol. Thanks for the advice and I would get corsair. :)
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  14. Thanks for the best answer a1nd I'm glad we could help nice build and I hope you get allot of joy out of it. Have fun
    COOLER MASTER GX Series RS650-ACAAE3-US 650W Power Supply
    Was: $99.99 Now: $74.99 $49.99 with Rebate
  16. Eh? The deal doesn't seem to exist lol
  17. nvm, found it.
  18. But I'm still sticking with corsair :)
  19. That Coolermaster GX650 PSU was described by HardOCP as a "polished turd in a box:"

    The older, non-active PFC Rosewill PSUs destroyed their reputation for PSU quality, but the new "green" ones seem to be just as good as the low-end Corsair or Antec PSUs with which they compete (whose "low-end" is still pretty darn good).
  20. I already bought a corsair 650W PSU, so I can't do much about it now. But thanks for the info. Was really curious why Rosewill had such a bad reputation
  21. Their older PSU's where prone to dying and taking out other hardware with them
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