Memory to Monitor size?

My Gaming Computer:
Core 2 duo 2.6 GB
2x 8800 GT in SLI
4 GB memory.
Windows 7 64bit
850W PS
22” and 27” monitors

I recently purchased a 27” monitor for my gaming computer. Very big very bright, but I am seeing frame rate lag issues when running games. I was using a single 22” in monitor. Now I have them both 22” and 27” monitors connected.

Is there a direct relation between size of monitor and how much memory is required? How much memory did I need to smooth out the picture and keep programs from crashing?
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  1. What is the resolution of both monitors?

    Very likely the 8800GTs just can't pixels that well in modern games.
  2. yeah, i believe that if you game at resolutions higher than 1080p you require more video memory or else your performance degrades. which is why the higher end video cards carry more than 1gb of video memory.
  3. ^+1 to both above.
  4. I'd suggest an upgrade to something like a 460 or 6850
  5. ^ At the minimum. The ideal upgrade would be in the 6950 2GB range.
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