I just fomaated the machine and I need the network and ethernet drivers for it
Thank you Jim
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  1. Explain rather more, perhaps.
  2. What specs and OS?
  3. Quote:
    Explain rather more, perhaps.

    I reformated my machine with windows xp pro, and i can't find the network driver for this machine as a matter of fact I can't find any info at all I was looking for drivers and a manual but no luck so I probably will junk it
    thanks for the come back
  4. look on your motherboard CD.
  5. Is this a home-build box? You'd need to pop open the case and check the component models to download the drivers.
  6. No its not I got it from a friend that bought a new hp and there is no numbers on this wreak -so I will just use it for parts thanks for you help
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