GA X58A UD3R with 2 sata 3 Intel SSD 180GB in raid 0

Can I run 2 sata 3 180GB ssd in a raid 0 for the OS in the sata 3 ports and 2 1TB drives sata2 in raid 0 for data storage?
I have a GA X58A UD3R motherboard with an I7 hexacore 3.4 ghz and 24GB DDR3 1600 of ram and 2 nvidia gts 450 video cards with 1GB of DDR5 to run in SLI.
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  1. Well I tried the sata 3 port with 2 sata 3 180gb ssd in a raid 0 then I tried the sata 3 ssd in the sata 2 portsin a raid 0. I then ran benchmark test's.
    sata 3 ports no raid=sata 3 ports with raid 0
    sata 3 ports=same data transfer as no raid 0 ? What's up with that ?
    the only gain is the size of the drive is 2x.
    sata 2 ports =50% more data tranfer in a raid 0 than the sata 3 ports
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    You're comparing the SATA3 Marvell 9128 (PCIe 2.0 x1) 500MB/s max vs Intel SATA2 (full bandwidth) 2*300MB/s = 600MB/s max. In RAID 0 the edge goes to Intel SATA2 ports on RAID 0. Conversely, with a single SSD on the Marvell 9128 you'll see 370MB/s~390MB/s.

    Your choices for the most bandwidth: 1. Intel SATA2 ports, 2. New X58 with Marvell 9182 (no typo) (PCIe 2.0 x2 lanes) 1000MB/s max, or 3. LSI x4 or x8 PCIe SATA3 Dedicated RAID Card which costs more than the replacing the MOBO.

    Gigabyte G1 Series and GA-X58A-OC offer the SATA3 Marvell 9182 chipset; see -
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