MSI XPower only 1/3 of the memory shows up

I have installed 6-sticks of memory on my MSI Xpower (Corsair 4 GB's per stick) and should see close to 24 GB's on the memory count. All I see is 8 GB's. it seems like it is only reading single mode and not triple mode. I installed only one stick at the first boot. Then I installed 3 (total) on the second boot; then all of them on the third boot. Should I have only done one stick at a time...? What say you all...?
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    When all else fails, read the manual.
    There is information in section 2-8 and 2-9 (page 23,24 of 112 in page directory) explaining this exact situation.
  2. Not real clear in the manual as to how to proceed. Do I reboot between each stick install or do exactly as I did. I installed one in the slot noted in the manual; then booted into the bios. Then i installed a second stick into the slot noted in the manual; then booted into the bios. Then I installed the third stick into the correct slot noted in the manual; then booted into the bios. then I installed the 3 remaining sticks into the rest of the slots and booted into the bios. Only 8 GB's show up... Am I to only install one stick at a time and reboot after each one. The manual is not real clear on this at all. OR is there something I am to set up in CELL that will give me the triple channel full memory count in the BIOS...?
  3. I turned on XMP but it did not help...
  4. Let's simplify this......
    Is your Corsair RAM made up of two Triple Channel kits of 3 modules each and all modules are identical?

    Is BIOS up to date? What CPU are you using and does that CPU support triple channel?
    Are you installing the first kit in the 3 black slots and going into BIOS to see that all 3 are showing up, and then installing the 2nd kit in remaining slots and doing the same?
  5. One six stick kit w/fan and all identical... Bios is up to date... I am using the I7-990x processor and it supports triple channel. I did install in the black slots 1st and then the rest with a boot in between. (see the detail in my last post)...Do not know if all 3 showed up will redo that tonight...
  6. Unless the RAM you bought says "Triple Channel Kit" on it, I think you bought a hexa-channel kit because looking at NewEgg, the only kits that come complete with 6 modules are Hexa-channel kits.

    Here is a list of what RAM was tested as working with 6 modules in triple channel mode (which is likely two identical triple-channel kits of 3 modules each).
  7. Post your OS + HW specs.
  8. Silverstone Case
    I7-990x Processor
    Corsair Dominator Memory (Six 4GB Sticks, CMP24GX3M6A1600C9, 1600MHz)
    MSI XPower Motherboard 1.1 version
    Cavier Black Hard Disks in a Raid 5 Motherboard Configuration (five of these at 2 TB each)
    Two 256 GB OCz SSD's using the Marvell Chipset in a Raid 0 boot Configuration
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Cooler Master 212 CPU Cooler
  9. Install each module 1 at a time. Meaning install 1, boot, if ok, then shutdown, remove and install the next. Do this for all 6 modules. I suspect you might have 1, possibly 2 bad modules (rare) in the bunch...

    What PSU do you have? This is a rather power hungry system... possibly could be related, but not exactly.
  10. Well, that RAM is listed as the highest density RAM from Corsair that is listed compatible with that board, so you either got some bad modules in that kit, or something going on with your board. You could either contact Corsair for some help on how to configure it, or MSI. Only other option is to try other RAM in the slots on your board to see if it will at least recognize SOME RAM in all slots.

    The reviews for that kit on NewEgg mention that it requires some tampering...
  11. PSU is the Ultra X4 1050W and I tried two kingston sticks and they were recognized but so was the Corsair... I do not have six Kingston sticks just six corsair... Will try the one at a time thing tonight as I just was not able to get to it last night...
  12. The GPU is the XFX 7970 Black Edition...
  13. If you have Kingstons, you can throw them into the mix too (not ideal, but if you have the parts, they could help test. Again, not ideal, but could.). MSI's manual shows how to populate in each increment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 modules. If you're going to throw Kingston's in the mix, make them 4th & 5th. Or 2nd & 3rd. Increasing the module count one at a time.
    Again, not to run long term with the Kingstons, but as a testing option to see if there's something going on with your one of your Corsair modules. e.g., if Kingston's work in there, you know the board is happy. But if not, it could mean board or it could mean the Kingstons don't play nice with the Corsairs.
  14. I figured it out... Throw away the fan module that came with it is the solution. It kept pulling the modules up/down ever so slightly so as it was always loosening up one, two, or three modules. Now all of them work like a charm... The fan that came with the memory modules is just too heavy for them as it was pulling the sticks down and out of good cantact... Thank you everyone for all the input... Very, very helpful...
  15. *facepalm* Oh how I hate RAM fans...
    Glad you sorted it tho :)
  16. Probably would have helped if you had mentioned you were using that, but I guess since it came with the kit it could have been assumed. Those are basically pointless unless you have horrible air flow in your case and are OC'ing the hell out of your RAM, especially since they already have heat sinks attached.
  17. I would have to agree... Experience is a great teacher isn't it... Thank you all for the help...
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