Do you think all the components to my new PC will be compatible? help!

Ok so I am wanting to build my FIRST PC and i was wondering if the components ive chosen along with the help of some YouTube videos will all be compatible with each other. I was also wondering with the CPU i am buying, will i need to buy a Cooler or is that included with the package in the CPU. Thanks so much please give me any information you have, this is my first time and im sure you remember yours so help a noobie out! Tysm <3

RAM: (chose this specific RAM because of motherboard's manufacturer's recommendations, fits the DDr3 1333 240 pin slots the MOBO has)
Video Card:

Other components like the CD Drive and Case will be Reused from previous PC.
Please let me know if there are any cheaper components i can buy that wont affect the performance, i am really on a budget of $550 and i am building this pc because i know it is cheaper this way. I am taking a leap of courage since i have never done this before and I'm really hoping for some guidance from the community. Thanks so much!!
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  1. I am thinking you could go for more future gen than a hd 4670.
    and also that specific cooler master model isnt the best.Choose another psu.

    My choice is corsair something like that.
  2. For the hd 4670, why so? i have seen and read MANY great reviews on the card, im not really looking for a future gen card that can play Crysis or any other high demanding game, just valve engine games like l4d2 and WoW, the Video card is an Nvidia 9800 GT and that performs at good fps with the games i just mentioned, i figured such a great upgrade to that card with the hd 4670 would be a great improvement and good enough for the type of programs i want to run, thanks for the help!

    Heres a PSU i found to fit my budget, what do you think?
  3. Just noticed i have a 375W powersupply laying around, do you think 375W would be enough to keep my system stable?
  4. The Coolermaster PSU you selected initially was described at HardOCP as a "polished turd in a box:" and should therefore be avoided.
    I also agree that the HD4670 is a bit dated. At the very least, get a HD6670; better (and not much more expensive) is the HD6770.
    What brand and model is the "375W" PSU? If it has a little voltage switch on it, at best it is an older, inefficient design, and at worst it is a dangerous piece of pooh that should not be attached to a computer an an A/C power source at the same time. If there's no switch, meaning it has full range active PFC, it would be suitable for the HD6670, but probably not quite enough for the HD6770 if it is old enough to have lost any amount of its capacity.
    The Corsair Builder-series PSU would be a good choice. It has a modern design, and competent technical reviews have been favorable.
  5. My suggestions for changes are:

    MOBO: (More future proof, and for the money.. why not?)

    Video Card: (Even though I would spend a little more on a 6850 .. or 550 ti because the graphics card will be your limiting factor in this build)

    RAM: (Following the recommended RAM for the MOBO is great but these will do better =). Anything past this speed is practically useless.)

    The CPU will come with a heatsink / fan and from the sounds of it will be fine for what your doing. I need to know more info on the PSU you found before determining if it will be enough. Rule of thumb is never skimp on the PSU.
  6. I decided to go with the and the will those two work well together? i know the main problem on a day to day basis with a weak power supply is that it will not keep your video card stable. Do you think the wattage is enough for the card to be used heavily?
  7. +1 on the 6670 over the 5670. Though the 6850 sounds better ;)
  8. Those two will work well together, but once again, if you can afford it, I'd recommend the HD6670 at least, if not the HD6770. The HD6xxx series supports GPU-accelerated Blu-Ray decoding, in case that matters.
  9. Okay im going with the corsair and the 6670. thanks sooo much guys.
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