Need replacement for my old Asus P5B

I am not tech minded but would like to replace my old P5B motherboard with something newer. Not knowing much about what else to do, can i keep everything else and just swap MB?

Here is my set up. Can someone suggest a suitable MB Please.

I do not do any gaming but do a lot of downloading and surfing.thanks.

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  1. That's kind of an old system but if internet surfing is the only thing you do the best thing that comes to mind is either a GA-G31M or a GA-G41M motherboard. It will support your current hardware and you can even ditch the GPU since both have an integrated graphics card.

    However check your RAM sticks. I believe your current motherboard supports lower speeds that the ones I mentioned
  2. If your P5B board still works, you will gain very little by changing the motherboard.

    The supply of new LGA775 boards has pretty much dried up, and most of what are available use DDR3 RAM.

    A new GA-G41MT-ES and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM will run you about $100 and give you no noticeable performance increase.
  3. many thanks guys, might stick with what i have for now until i do a complete rebuild. cheers.
  4. That would be the best option yes. Glad we could help
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