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I picked up one of these today
for the beach house I am staying at. It only has one modem and no router so everyone is fighting for the ethernet wire, I figured a switch would be cheaper than a router and easier to configure. The problem is only the 2nd port can be used. Is this the wrong thing for what I am trying to do?

When I try and plug in any of the other ports into the other computers, it says connecting or whatever and then it just says unidentified network and says local only.
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  1. Yes a switch is cheaper and is easier to configure, but it will not work since your service provider will only give you one IP number.

    Therefore, bring it back and buy the more expensive Router. The router will take the one IP and give anybody connected to it an internal IP so they can connect to the internet.

    A router is not that hard to configure. Use the CD that come with it which will step you through it. Make sure to put a password on the wireless so nobody unauthorized can connect.
  2. Thats what I was thinking, It said something about not having an IP or something. Alright, thanks for the help!
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