Computer won't read video card, it works on other computers.

I have gone to my dad's friend to see if my video card was working at all. It turns out the computer reads it without a problem. What device in my computer should prevent it from working? Is it the Southbridge?
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  1. Sorry :) If I put the VGA/DVI cords in the video card slot, the monitor does not respond. So I put it back on the desktop, and when I do this and look at device manager, it will not show up at all.
  2. Quote:
    it could be possibly:

    1. some problem is the pcie slot itself. this cold be due to bad seating of the card because of less space in the cabinet.

    2. maybe the power supply is not strong enough.

    give more details of "not reading" the card. does the PC boot or it crashes on the desktop etc. give details.

    I found that my power supply was not in fact strong enough, I had thought that it was but I was reading something else :( Is there any other reason or is that the only thing i should be worried about?
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    do you overclock the CPU?

    what is the cpu?

    The BIOS is supposed to be on the PCI-E where my video card is but it will not give output. My motherboard is HP FOXCONN NAPA. The card im trying to use is GeForce GT 220. It just reads my old GeForce 7100. I do not overclock, I don't think my motherboard is capable of doing it anyways.
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