2 seperate networks as one?

I live in a house with 2 seperate networks. One is mine and does not have access to the internet, the other is my brother's and has internet access. Each network has a wireless router. My primary computer is connected to both networks: it connects to the house network (with internet access) via a wireless card, and to my own private network via an ethernet cable. What i want to know is, is it possible for me to use this PC to feed my own router, therby giving the other computers on my private network access to the internet? I can browse both networks with any of my computers, provided my primary machine with the wireless card is powered on.
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  1. What OS is your primary machine running.
  2. All of my machines (Including my primary one) run Windows XP Proffessional, except for my laptops, which run XP or Windows ME, depending on what hard disk i have in them.
  3. Use the Network Setup Wizard and choose the first option.

    "...computer connected to internet, other computer connect through my computer..."

    Next screen, choose your Wireless card.

    Next screen, choose your Network card.

    Next screens, enter info as needed.

    you don't need to create any disk.
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